Intellectual Property Rights

  1. Yukimoto alone (and its licensors, where applicable) shall exclusively own all rights, titles, and interests, including all related Intellectual Property Rights, such as texts, images, logos, trademarks, and copyright, on the website and in the material published on it.

  2. The “Yukimoto” trademark, just as all trademarks, be it metaphorical, and any remaining imprints, brand names, business names, outlines, pictures, logos which show up on our Products, Platforms, packaging, or accessories, if enlisted (the “Trade Marks”), are and shall be the select property of Yukimoto and/or its licensors and are ensured by appropriate trademark laws and settlements worldwide. All such rights are reserved.

  3. Any use of Yukimoto site or its content, including copying or storing such content in whole or part, other than for your own personal, non-commercial use, is prohibited without the permission of Yukimoto. No propagation of any piece of this website might be sold or conveyed for business acquisition, nor will it be adjusted or consolidated into some other work, publication, or website. The Content, Digital Properties, and any suggestions, ideas, enhancement requests, feedback, recommendations, or other information provided by you or any other party relating to the Service are owned by Yukimoto.

  4. This Agreement is not a sale and does not convey to you any rights of ownership in or related to Yukimoto Technology, the Content, the Digital Properties, or the Intellectual Property Rights owned by Yukimoto. You are likewise exhorted that Yukimoto will forcefully authorize its Intellectual Property Rights to the furthest reaches of the law, including criminal arraignment, for serious offenses.

    Last Updated on Jan, 2021